Product line expansion of the inexpensive building installation connectors AC 164

posted on 14.03.2019
Product line of AC 164
Building installation connectors according to EN 61535 are state of the art. The „plug & play“ function makes building installation much faster, safer and less expansive compared with traditional wiring. For this we offer a wide range of products.

Now, we have expanded the product line of the AC 164 series by plugs/sockets and a distribution unit. The advantage is perfectly plain: the enlarged modular system with small dimensions offers additional possibilities for applications with limited space. True to the slogan: AC 164 – Get it done by the little one.

Inexpensive modular system AC 164

In addition to the AC 164 plug and sockets already available you can now order matching panel mount plugs and sockets as well as a compact distribution unit.
Thanks to the expanded product range you can realise compact lighting installation extremely cost-effective and in record time, particularly in shop fitting or booth construction where space is limited. Due to reusability and compatibility of the components you can easily adapt your wiring to your needs afterwards.

The new panel mount plugs and sockets allow the external connection of luminairs or devices. They can be used for housings with a wall thickness between 0.5 and 1.2 mm. The “snap-in” function guarantees quick and safe connection of plug/socket and housing. The AC 164 distribution unit offers even more time and cost benefits in the field of flexible installation. It enables safe distribution to two outputs – accurate and extremely fast thanks to the ”plug & play“ function.

More information regarding the product range: building installation connectors to EN 61535.

There is an alternative available to you for applications with less limited space: the AC 166® "big brother" series which has proved itself over years.