Why Products Engineered by Adels-Contact? The Intelligent Connecting Technology by Adels-Contact

Why products engineered by Adels-Contact: Because we are the way we are! Some people call it culture or philosophy. We just call it being close to our customers.

We are

  • developer and producer of superior connection technology, engineered in Germany who successful operates with 100 employees. Since 1930, we have been working as an independent, medium-sized and family-managed enterprise.
  • people in the business who take immediate, personal and reliable care of “nearly everything”: price enquiries, delivery time, standards and approvals, shorter lead-times, quantity customisation or product modification, etc.
  • innovative and purposeful, seeing that at some point in the future there will be a better solution anyway. That’s what we reflect on with our customers every day. Here, we are true to our guiding principle of “fit-for-purpose”, considering that the most expensive product is not always the better one.

Is this right? Challenge us and share your experiences with us at kundenstimmen@adels-contact.de.


The owners of our company, J. Hans Hochköppler and Andre Rumpff stand for continuity, know-how and experience. They particularly focus on product innovations and closeness to our customers.


Engineered in Germany speaks for itself. Compliance with all standards such as RoHS, WEEE, PFOS, REACH and CE guarantee the reliability of our products.


A conservation-conscious use of natural resources is the basis of our actions. This is documented by the quality and environmental management system to DIN EN ISO9001 and DIN EN ISO14001.