Regulations applicable for the use of our products

EN-Regulation VDE-Regulation Title
Power Installations in general   VDE 0100/.. Erection of power installations with nominal voltages up to 1000 V
  VDE 0110/.. Insulation co-ordination for equipment within low-voltage systems
EN 50274 VDE 0660/.. Protection against electric shock
EN 60529 VDE 0470/.. Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
EN 60695/.. VDE 0471/.. Fire hazard testing
Connectors in general EN 60947/.. VDE 0611/.. PCB terminal blocks for copper conductors
EN 60998/.. VDE 0613/.. Connecting devices for low voltage circuits
EN 60999/.. VDE 0609/.. Requirements for clamping units for electrical copper conductors
Connecting Systems in general EN 60320/.. VDE 0625/.. Appliance couples for household and similar purpose
EN 61535 VDE 0606-200 Installation couplers intended for permanent connection in fixed installations
EN 61984 VDE 0627 Connectors - safety regulations and testing
Utility Devices EN 60335/.. VDE 0700/.. Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
EN 60598/.. VDE 0711 Luminaires – requirements and testing
EN 60921/.. VDE 0712/.. Specification for accessories to hot- and cold cathode fluorescent lamps - ballasts
EN 61558/.. VDE 0570/.. Safety of transformers, power supply units and the like
Tolerances DIN 7168 General tolerances for linear and angular dimensions and geometrical tolerances (not to be used for new designs)
DIN ISO 2768 Part 1 General tolerances; tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications
DIN ISO 2768 Part 2 General tolerances; geometrical tolerances for features without individual tolerances indications
DIN 16901 Plastics mouldings; Tolerances and acceptance conditions for linear dimensions
DIN 40680 Part 1 Ceramic components for electrical purposes; admissible tolerances
DIN 40680 Part 2 Ceramic components for electrical purposes; form tolerances