AC 164 – The Small Building Installation Connectors for Small Spaces

LED technology minimises applications more and more so that connecting technology has to be installed in ever smaller spaces. These small Adels-Contact building installation connectors for installations according to EN 61535 is only half the size of the “big brother” AC166® and thus ideally suited for applications with limited space. With its tall variant without strain relief the small building installation connectors AC 164 are an optimum solution for the installation in luminaires and appliances.

Installation Notes

  • According to EN 61535 installation plug connectors are intended to be connected and disconnected without load only.
  • When used in easily accessible areas it is stipulated to use locking pins that may be removed by auxiliary tool only.
  • According to EN 61535 installation plug connectors have to be provided with latches.
  • Compliance with the EN 61535 standard does not guarantee hazard avoiding non-interchangeability with connecting systems of various manufacturers. Separate documentation available with regard to mixed use with installation plug connector systems made by other manufacturers (upon request).
  • Current rating depends on the cross sections to be connected resp. on dimensions of strip conductors.
  • The connecting system is not a substitute for a national plug-socket system for domestic use.