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Quick Installation Set with LED Distribution Box terminaLED®

You only need two things for installation - a twin cable and terminaLED® – and then you are ready to start with the quick installation of your LED spots. Safe and fast. Ideally suited for LED lighting in kitchens, furniture, trade show booths and many other applications. Below voltage limit of 150 V terminaLED® additionally allows to reach series and parallel connection up to 70 LEDs. Connect the LED driver to the terminaLED® and then provide each one LED spot and the next terminaLED® until all LED spots will have been connected – no great preparation effort required.

terminaLED - terminaLED S 3050

terminaLED S 3050

Order No. 601103
distribution box for series connections, rated voltage: 150 V, rated current: 6 A, connection type: IDC
terminaLED - terminaLED P 3050

terminaLED P 3050

Order No. 605103
distribution box for parallel connections, rated voltage: 150 V, rated current: 6 A, connection type: IDC
terminaLED - XYFAZ 2x0,5 RT SW 50m SPU

XYFAZ 2x0,5 RT SW 50m SPU

Order No. 609950
cable, rated voltage: 50 / 75 V
terminaLED - XYFAZ 2x0,5 RT SW 100m SPU

XYFAZ 2x0,5 RT SW 100m SPU

Order No. 25510
cable, rated voltage: 50 / 75 V