Connecting System for Intelligent Continuous Row Lighting Systems Due to Integration of DALI and Sensors

LEDtrack provides the option to install all functions in a continuous row lighting system with one single system, as mains supply of luminaires often is just a partial task. An integrated emergency lighting provides, for example, safety within the entire application area. Integration of DALI and sensors allow intelligent lighting management, f.i. with colour temperature changes and daylight- or presence-dependent control.

The LEDtrack continuous row lighting system impresses by its extremely small form with up to 11 poles in the smallest spaces (23.5 mm x 39.5 mm). Both mechanical and electrical connection of the mounting rails is easily made by clicking them into place. Through-wiring which is made by the provided cable set is completed by a cover to protect the final insert. Upon request, we are able to supply the entire continuous row lighting system for metal or aluminium profiles with automatic PE contact and with additional connection clips.

LEDtrack Components

The complete system for all functions on row lighting systems

LEDtrack through-wiring

The complete system for all functions on row lighting systems