New from Adels-Contact: Cable Assembly and Pre-Assembly in Connection Technology

posted on 24.10.2019
Konfektion in der Anschlusstechnik
Cable Assembly and Pre-Assembly in Connection Technology
If you are looking for a reliable partner for cable assembly, subassembly and housing assembly, let us talk about it …

You certainly know this from your daily routine: You purchase plug and socket connectors or terminal blocks from a manufacturer which you

  • assemble with a cable, or
  • use as part of a subassembly, or
  • install in a housing.
These are jobs we can do as well - most likely at lower costs.

The cost advantage results from a combination of terminal blocks or plug and socket connectors from our own production followed by the assembly made in one of our „low cost country“ subsidiaries. This way, ready-to-use subassemblies are delivered just in time. Delivery periods are safe. Product quality is extremely high.

Additionally, benefit from

  • our extensive product know-how and process expertise (crimping, screwing, welding etc.),
  • our well-practiced own logistics, and
  • the optimisation of your processes and a reduced susceptibility to fault.


High quality and expertise. Cost savings. Reliability. And your ROI is further optimised.
Have we convinced you? If not, don't worry - let us make a calculation! Just call us or send us an e-mail. Get in touch with us!