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Terminal Blocks: ADELS-Contact - The Specialist in Connecting Technology

Adels-Contact is a medium-sized, independent industrial company based in Bergisch Gladbach. Our business is the development, production and distribution of electrical terminal blocks and connectors for building technology and manufacturers of lighting and electrical appliances. Together with our customers, we work on the topics of energy efficiency, climate change and sustainability.

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Installation Club 2024 - "Best practice" information exchange on products and projects

Adels-Contact hosted this year's meeting of the "Installation Club" (founded in 2016). The club offers sales partners from the electrical installation sector a platform for exchanging information on ...

NEW! Lighting and Housing Connection LCS 75 PRO with strain relief

Our LCS 75 installation terminal has become a successful alternative for connecting lights and housings up to protection class IP66. With the introduction of the LCS 75 PRO with strain relief for flexible wires, we are able to significantly expand the range of applications for this connection solution.

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Adels-Contact distribution network – 10 years of successful cooperation with our Dutch distributor Hemmink

Our partnership began in 2014 with the aim of strengthening our market presence in the Netherlands. Thanks to the dedicated work of our distributor, we have been able to publicise our products ...

NEW! LEDtrack GEN2 continuous-row lighting system with lever solution for easy installation

Following the successful market launch of our 11-pole LEDtrack continuous row lighting system in 2020, we have already developed the 2nd generation. The “LEDtrack GEN2” axial connectors now have a lever that improves the system for easier assembly.

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Adels-Contact distribution network – with our new partner Ineltro Electronics GmbH in Austria and Hungary

The Ineltro team visited Adels-Contact for a personal meeting. During the day, we had the opportunity to learn more about the goals, values and strategies of our new sales partner.

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Adels-Contact distribution network – with our partner Eltech Solutions in Denmark

„No matter what type of application, where you have a need for connectors, Eltech have the Solution.” – Under this motto, Eltech serves its customers in the areas of automation, ...