Building Installation Rapidly, Safely and Cost-Efficiently

with New Components of the AC 166® Building Installation Connector

posted on 23.06.2020
AC 166® Components
You are under enormous time pressure, as electrical installation is one of the final contract work sections to be done? Make your job easier: With building installation connectors according to EN 61535 there is no more need to make connection by hand, but wiring is made rapidly, safely and cost-efficiently We have expanded the product range of our well-known AC 166® plug and socket connector system in order to offer you even more flexibility.

AC 166®: H and HH Distributors for Reduced Space Requirements in Building Installation

Two new distributors have joined our 3 pole plug and socket connector product range: a H distributor with one input and three outputs as well as a HH distributor with one input and 5 outputs. You may use the two “new ones” either in addition or as an alternative to the present T distributors – whichever you prefer. Seeing that the H distributors are provided with horizontal in- and outputs only, there is only one direction to plug in which reduces the space required. In addition to that, all in- and outputs are provided with latches.

There is a choice of three mounting options available for the distributors

1. Fixing by an Adels mounting adapter for cable support systems
With the new mounting adapter you are now in a position to mount the H- and HH-distributors onto many commonly used mounting panels of cable support systems such as JMV, OBO, Rittal or Niedax which allows more flexibility in the use of the AC 166® series.

Adels mounting adapter

2. Fixing by components made by Schnabl
The distributors have been adapted to the nails of the Schnabl mounting system. The nails are snapped on which allows the distributor to be directly mounted on a wall or a ceiling.

H distributor with mounting systems by Schnabl Stecktechnik

3. Fixing by two screws (variant … BL)
This variant is particularly used for mounting in wood, f.i. in booth construction.

H distributor with screw fixing

See the advantages of the new components of our AC 166® series for yourself. Our team will – as always – be there for you. Feel free to contact us!
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