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Transformer Connectors

Transformer Connectors with Lift Terminals
RKW 14 miniConductor size 4 mm², 1 or 2 pole, small design
RKW 14Conductor size 4 mm², 1 or 2 pole, with tab
RKW 14 Si 20Conductor size 4 mm², 1 pole fused connectors, for fuse links 5x20
RKW 110Conductor size 16 mm², 2 pole
Transformer Connectors with Spring Cage (screwless)
TC 2523 and 2533Conductor size 4 mm², 1 or 3 pole, (interlockable to any required length),
TC 2523 Si 20Conductor size 4 mm², 1 pole fused connectors, (interlockable to any required length), for fuse links 5x20
Transformer Connectors with Screw Type Terminals
BTF 2,5Conductor size 2.5 mm², 2 pole
BTF 4Conductor size 4 mm², 1 pole
BT 10Conductor size 10 mm², 1 pole
Feed-Through Connectors
DK 4Conductor size 4 mm², 1 pole, (interlockable to any required length)
DK 4 SiConductor size 4 mm², 1 pole fused connectors, (interlockable to any required length), for FKS fuse links
TYP BZ 14, BZ 14 R and MTMarking labels for all types, either label strips or breakable labels
Since 1973, when the first transformer connector type RKW 2 had been developed, Adels-Contact has been concentrated on producing connectors for snap-in fixing to the winding frames. The result of continuing innovations and new developments is the widest range of connection technology in that special field.

RKW - Screw Connection with Lift Terminals

Meanwhile, trouble-free connection of transformers by means of a cable cage contact has become a market standard. So the application spectrum of our RKW connectors is correspondingly wide:
  • Connection of all kind of wires from 0.5 to 16 mm² (RKW 14 mini, RKW 14 and RKW 110)
  • Connectors for fuse links 5 x 20 mm (RKW 14 Si)
  • Special connectors for PE contact (RKW 14 E)

TC - Screwless Connection with Spring Cage Terminals

Quick connection of a transformer by means of spring cage terminal is still in the early stages of distribution. At present, this technology is mainly applied in railway engineering where vibration-proof electrical connection is essential. Connection without a screw will, however be a next generation technology. Currently Adels-Contact supplies a full, interlockable product range of mains and fused connectors (5 x 20 mm and 6.3 x 32 mm).

BT and BTF - Screw Connection with Screw Type Terminals

When using solid conductors of size 0.5 - 4.0 mm² it is advisable to make connection by screw-type terminals and thus, to use connectors of the BT and BTF series.


For marking, we supply either unprinted or (upon customer request) printed marking labels (to be broken off one by one) or, marking label strips (with 10 labels each). All marking labels and strips are deliverable within 24 hours.