„Together Everyone Achieves More“ - Team coaching event

posted on 27.01.2023
Team coaching
Teamwork is an important component in today's working world. There are hardly any tasks and processes that can function without teamwork. To strengthen this process, our employees participated in a 2-day team coaching.

We show you a few results that our teams have come up with:

Successful Teams

  • target clarity
  • role clarity
  • regular exchange
  • good interpersonal relationships

  • Feedback

    Good feedback is achieved by observing the following rules:

  • describe your point of view objectively
  • state feeligs
  • communicate needs
  • specify the resulting wish

  • Goals

    Strengthen teamwork through:

  • Teamwork
  • exchange
  • trust
  • understanding
  • communication
  • support

  • We look forward to implementing the results in the team and will hold this interesting event again regularly.