Quick Delivery Program of AC 166® G cables has been expanded

posted on 11.02.2019
Quick delivery of AC 166 G® series

Ready-made cables as quickly as possible

Time and cost pressure is high in the building installation business.
After receipt of an order, the first phase of construction has to be started immediately. First steps are accelerated by quick delivery of plug and socket systems including ready-made cables. It makes day-to-day business easier and allows customers to execute orders efficiently and on time. Several years ago, Adels-Contact implemented the Quick Delivery Program (QDP) offering a fast delivery service for specific AC 166® G ready-made cables with plug and sockets. Short delivery times are possible due to intelligent stock sourcing and production planning.

Broader range for more flexibility

Demand for ready-made cables of different lengths and with different plugs and sockets has grown significantly. Therefore Adels-Contact used its direct line to the customers and decided to extend the QDP product range. An even broader range allows customers to process orders promptly. Just in time sends its regards; partnership with our customers is of vital importance.

For further details of QDP please contact your sales partner.
An overview can be found at the AC 166 G® series page.