Screw Connectors

1 - 12 Pole Screw Connectors with Wire Protectors
230 DSConductor size 2.5 mm²
230 K DSConductor size 2.5 mm², raised base
500-31 DSConductor size 2.5 mm², fixing hole 3.1 mm
500-35 DSConductor size 2,5 mm², fixing hole 3.5 mm
500 K 35 DSConductor size 2.5 mm², fixing hole 3.5 mm, raised base
500 RZ DSConductor size 2.5 mm², catch pin fixing
500 LRZ DSConductor size 2.5 mm², elongated catch pins
1000 DSConductor size 6 mm²
1000 K DSConductor size 6 mm ², raised base
1500 DSConductor size 6 mm²
2000 DSConductor size 10 mm²
2000 K DSConductor size 10 mm², raised base
1 - 12 Pole Screw Connectors with Wire Protectors and Center Stop
500-31 MDSConductor size 2.5 mm², fixing hole 3.1 mm
500-35 MDSConductor size 2,5 mm², fixing hole 3,5 mm
500 K 35 MDSConductor size 2.5 mm², fixing hole 3.5 mm, raised base
500 RZ MDSConductor size 2.5 mm², catch pin fixing
500 LRZ MDSConductor size 2.5 mm², elongated catch pins
500 SK II MDSConductor size 2.5 mm², protection class II
500 SKT II MDSConductor size 2.5 mm², protection class II, with insulating bushes for metal screws
1000 MDSConductor size 6 mm²
1000 K MDSConductor size 6 mm², raised base
2000 MDSConductor size 10 mm²
2000 K MDSConductor size 10 mm², raised base
1 - 12 Pole Screw Connectors without Wire Protectors
230Conductor size 4 mm²
230 KConductor size 4 mm², raised base
500-31Conductor size 6 mm², fixing hole 3.1 mm
500-35Conductor size 6 mm², fixing hole 3.5 mm
500 K 35Conductor size 6 mm², fixing hole 3.5 mm, raised base
500 RZConductor size 6 mm², catch pin fixing
500 LRZConductor size 6 mm², elongated catch pins
500 SK IIConductor size 6 mm², protection class II
500 SKT IIConductor size 6 mm², protection class II, with insulating bushes for metal screws
1000Conductor size 10 mm²
1000 KConductor size 10 mm², raised base
1500Conductor size 10 mm²
2000Conductor size 16 mm²
2000 KConductor size 16 mm², raised base
500 ZELscrewable cable clip for types 500 for strain relief
ABK 405Covers for types 500 as finger safety guard
ABK 406Covers for types 1000 as finger safety guard
230 BZMarking labels for types 230 (printed or unprinted)
500 BZMarking labels for types 500 (printed or unprinted)
1000 BZMarking labels foro types 1000 (printed or unprinted)
LCB 50Connecting box to entirely shield 2 and 3 pole connectors type 500

Europa Series Terminal Blocks from 0.5 to 16 mm²

40 years ago, Adels-Contact was leader in implementing standardization of European Standards and products for screw connectors made from polyamide. Being the originator of the so-called EUROPA series terminal blocks we developed over the years a screw connector product range that we are proud to refer to as the largest assortment worldwide. Robustness and easy handling of the connection are still appreciated in many fields of application.

Wire Protectors (DS)

When using fine-strand conductors (without ferrules) a safe contact can only be achieved by using a screw connector with a wire protector, that the screw presses onto when clamping the conductor. This prevents the copper strands from being damaged.

Centre Stop (MDS)

As an additional option for more safety, Adels-Contact also provides screw connectors with a centre stop, which prevents both conductors from being inserted too far and guarantees precise clamping.

Glow-Wire Test to EN 60335-1

The standard for household appliances EN 60335-1 makes high demands on the glow wire test. This applies to appliances and devices that are permanently connected to the mains power supply and, that are not always supervised. These are among others cooling units, flow-type heaters, drinks dispensers etc. According to EN 60695-2 a glow wire test may be carried out on a component (i.e. a terminal block or a plug and socket connector) or, on a test board. During a test on a component, the wire glows at 750 °C and a flame must extinguish after 2 sec. max. When testing on a test board, temperature is 775 °C and afterglow time is limited to 5 sec. max.