Ideally suited for lighting engineering in bars, restaurants, hotels

the “plug & play” plug and socket system AC 164

posted on 21.03.2019
AC 164 for lighting engineering
Innovative lighting installations are a special highlight of every event or location. To quickly install and uninstall your lighting, there is a perfect “plug & play” solution: the plug and socket system AC 164. You don’t need any tool or any technical experiences – farewell lengthily conversion works. The modular system consisting of plugs, sockets and distribution units offers a wide range of applications.
The interactive lighting system BottLED® for bars ofsparkLED Solutions shows the AC 164 in action. The system of LED modules lights up bottles and glasses in every conceivable colour and effect. Simply plug in and configure – the interactive bar is finished.

So simple:

BottLED® the interactive lighting system.
By SparkLED Solutions GmbH

Light by KV
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0