Optimal Solutions for Flexible Electrical Installation

International Installation Club Meets in Madrid

posted on 15.01.2019
Meeting for trends in flexible electrical installation
The meeting of the Adels-Contact’s Installation Club was by the end of 2018. It took place in the premises of the Spanish partner MM Conecta – ideal conditions for a meeting with focus on trends in flexible electrical installation. The invitation list included European partners being active in the building installation sector, namely the Spanish MM Conecta, the Dutch company Hemmink, UK based Metway and the Scandinavian distributor Gycom.

Task force with interesting objectives

Purpose of the Installation Club is the regular exchange of knowledge and experiences with other installation experts and with Adels-Contact. There will be information on new product developments as well as updates on standards and regulations. At the same time industry trends and new product requirements will be discussed. The club’s main objectives are to improve the distribution strategies, to define joint marketing topics and to implement marketing activities. Successful approaches of one country can be helpful in other markets and can be adapted to specific needs.

Next meeting of the Installation Club is agreed on

The interesting and inspiring exchange of information showed particularities and challenges of the building installation business. At the end of the two-day meeting everyone agreed that the first step had been done to benefit of joint potential and synergies. The participants unanimously welcomed the foundation of the Installation Club and looked forward to the next meeting.