Plug and Socket System with Cables according to CPD

The new European construction-products directive (CPD) 305/2011 has recently come into force. It now has to be implemented in the national law of all EU countries. In most countries, this has not been done yet, because the respective schedules of the responsible authorities vary considerably. Once the CPD has been implemented in national law, stricter requirements will be imposed on the fire load for cables that are permanently installed in buildings. This does also include those cables we use for the assembly of our connecting and extension cables AC 166 and AC 164. Depending on the different reactions to fire, the standard EN 50575:2014 defines different fire classes and makes recommendations on what fire classes should be applied to the different building types and sections. So are higher-grade and correspondingly more expensive cables for example recommended for hospitals or emergency escape routes. The cables used for our connecting systems are subject to the fire classes Eca, Dca, Cca and B2a. Already now, our cable suppliers do have various types in these fire classes available so that we are in a position to issue upon request the relative declarations of performance of our cable suppliers (DoP) as well as an individual quotation for assembled cables of our series AC 166 or AC 164.