Connection technology simply explained

We would like to give you an understanding of connection technology in all its facets, in case you need help at one point or another.

After all, customer proximity is our top priority. Divided according to our most important sectors of installation, lighting and electrical appliances, you will find the most frequently asked W-questions in connection technology.

What solutions are available for the electrical connection of electrical appliances?

One-time connections are made by means of terminal blocks. Difference is made between screw terminal blocks, screw-screwless terminal blocks and screwless terminal blocks. Fused connectors (screw type or screw-screwless type) are used to protect particularly sensitive electrical appliances.

Multiple connections are made by means of plug and socket connectors. Here, a panel-mount plug is mounted into the appliance housing. External connection is made by means of a pre-assembled connecting cable with a matching socket.

What solution does Adels-Contact offer for the electrical connection of appliances?

Adels-Contact offers the widest range of screw terminal blocks for the connection of appliances ranging from 0.5 mmm² up to 16 mm². (Available options: wire protectors, center stop, various particular polyamides, porcelain, steatite etc.)

Fused connectors for standardised glass fuses are available as screw terminal blocks and screw-screwless terminal blocks for conductors up to 10.0 mm².

Screwless terminal blocks of the LK 980 series as well as appliance connectors of the 160/163, AC 164 and AC 166® series complete that product range.

What standards have to be complied with?

Terminal blocks and connectors should be manufactured and approved according to EN 60998 “Connecting devices for low voltage circuits” and EN 60999 “Requirements for clamping units for electrical copper conductors”. Correspondingly, for plug and socket connectors the standards EN 60320 “Appliance couples for household and similar purpose” as well as EN 61984 “Connectors - safety regulations and testing” are applicable. Additionally, the extended requirements of the EN 60335 “Safety of household and similar electrical appliances” are applicable.

Fused terminal blocks are subject to the special standard EN 60127-6 “Miniature fuses - Part 6: Fuse-holders for miniature fuse-links”.

For international usage, however, terminal blocks should additionally be approved according to UL 1059 “Standard for terminal blocks” and, plug and socket connectors according to UL 1977 “Standard for component connectors for use in data, signal, control and power applications”.

What does „Glow-Wire“ mean?

Plastic materials that are used in the field of household appliances or similar purposes in accordance with EN 60335, have to pass a fire resistance test. One particular characteristic of the EN 60335 is the stricter glow wire test for electrical appliances that are operated in households without supervision.

Adels-Contact offers a wide range of terminal blocks and connectors, the “GW” (for Glow Wire, GWIT 775 °C) material of which comply with these requirements.