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Screwless Connectors

Luminaire Connectors (Screwless Connectors)
LK 980/ 22 pole luminaire connectors
LK 980 RZ/ 22 pole luminaire connectors with catch pins
LK 980/ 33 pole luminaire connectors
LK 980 RZ/ 33 pole luminaire connectors, with catch pins
LK 980/ 44 pole luminaire connectors
LK 980 RZ/ 44 pole luminaire connectors with catch pins
LK 980/ 55 pole luminaire connectors
LK 980 RZ/ 55 pole luminaire connectors, with catch pins
Block Connectors
930-001 - 12 pole screwless terminal blocks without release key
930-021 - 12 pole screwless terminal blocks with 2 release keys
9355 pole block connectors
9377 pole block connectors
ZEL 900Strain relief clamp for luminaire connectors
WKZ 980Release tool

Luminaire Connectors LK 980

Screwless connectors of our LK 980 series allow quick, trouble-free and safe assembly during luminaire production, suitable for both manual and automatic installation, available with or without capacitor pre-fitted and with four alternative earth contact options, leaving only the “plug & play” connection to be made by the installer. For non-stationary luminaires a screwless strain relief option is available.

PE Contact Options Luminaire Connectors LK 980

We recommend to use printed connectors with all the four variants.

Special Type Luminaire Connectors LK 960

In cases where PE contact is be made by a punched-out strip from the luminaire base plate, our recommendation is to use this luminaire connector type. The centre pole is pushed onto the strip (see photo) which is bent when the luminaire connector snaps into the plate and then safely clamped by the screw. External connection is made by the electrician who pushes-in the conductors.

Block Connectors 930, 935 and 937

The 930 series provides further possibilities for pluggable electrical connections without screws. The variant with two release keys per pole allows to plug-in and release conductors on both sides. If not required, the variant type without release keys is above all a space saving alternative. This connector type is available in lengths from 1 to 12 poles and each pole is provided with a capacitor terminal.

Type 935 as well as type 937 are 5 resp. 7 pole ”double-deck” connectors for through connection of luminaires. Catch pins allow quick and stable assembly.