Adels-Contact distribution network – 10 years of successful cooperation with our Dutch distributor Hemmink

posted on 24.05.2024
Adels-Contact distribution network – 10 years of successful cooperation with our Dutch distributor Hemmink
Our partnership began in 2014 with the aim of strengthening our market presence in the Netherlands. Thanks to the dedicated work of our distributor, we have been able to publicise our products throughout the country and build a strong customer base.

Hemmink is part of the Hanzestrohm Group and specialises in:

  • electrical solutions and concepts for residential and commercial construction and industry

  • personal attention, knowledge about markets, applications and regulations

  • training, events and toolbox sessions to partners and customers

  • Distributor network

    In today's globalised economy, it is crucial for companies to be well connected, especially with distributors in different countries. This networking offers numerous benefits that can have a significant impact on a company's success and growth. Below are some of the key reasons why it is important to maintain strong relationships with international distributors.

  • 1. Market access and expansion
    A well-established network of distributors enables companies to access new markets and make their products and services available to a wider audience. Local distributors have a deep understanding of the local market, including cultural differences, consumer habits and legal frameworks. This makes it easier for companies to customise their offerings to the needs and preferences of local consumers, thereby strengthening their market presence.

  • 2. Efficient logistics and cost reduction
    International distributors play a central role in a company's logistics chain. By working closely together, companies can ensure that their products are delivered to end consumers efficiently and cost-effectively. Local distributors have established logistics networks that help to reduce transport costs and shorten delivery times. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and strengthens the company's competitiveness.

  • 3. Local expertise and network
    Distributors have valuable local knowledge and a network that is essential for a company's success in a new market. They know the best distribution channels, have relationships with key retailers and understand the intricacies of local business practice. This expertise is particularly important in overcoming regulatory hurdles, finding local partners and developing effective marketing strategies.

  • 4. Customer service and retention
    A well-connected distributor can provide excellent customer service, which is crucial for customer retention. As distributors are usually closer to the end customer, they can respond more quickly to enquiries and problems. Efficient and reliable customer service plays a key role in gaining the trust of customers and building long-term business relationships.

  • About Hemmink

    Here more info about: Hemmink B.V.

    We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with our distribution partner in the Netherlands.

    Take a look at our sales partners in the link: Representatives