NEW! LEDtrack GEN2 continuous-row lighting system with lever solution for easy installation

posted on 25.04.2024
NEW! LEDtrack GEN2 continuous-row lighting system with lever solution for easy installation
Following the successful market launch of our 11-pole LEDtrack continuous-row lighting system in 2020, the second generation (LEDtrack GEN2) has now integrated an innovative lever solution to greatly simplify installation. This makes installing the continuous-row lighting system easy as pie for customers. Our customers can also strengthen their market position with such further developments.


The axial connectors with integrated through-wiring of the ‘LEDtrack GEN2’ now have a lever that significantly improves the ease of installation of the system.

By using the lever, the socket ‘finds’ its way more easily to the plug and then locks securely into place with a clearly audible and visible click. This is particularly important in an ‘uncomfortable’ installation situation. Disconnecting the plug and socket is also much easier and no additional tools are required.

Application video

Benefits of continuous-row lighting systems

The use of axial connectors in continuous-row lighting systems offers a number of advantages:

  • Easy installation: Axial connectors such as LEDtrack GEN2 enable quick and easy installation of continuous-row lighting systems, as they create a direct connection between the individual light modules or segments without the need for additional tools or special expertise.

  • Reliable connection: Axial connectors provide a robust and reliable connection between the components of the continuous-row lighting system. Through-wiring of continuous-row systems is used to connect luminaire modules or segments in a row, with the electrical current flowing from one luminaire to the next. This enables a continuous power supply along the continuous-row lighting system, ensuring uniform lighting along the entire length.

  • Modularity and flexibility: The use of axial connectors enables a modular design of the continuous-row lighting system in which individual lighting modules or segments can be easily added, removed or replaced to adapt or expand the requirements of the space.

  • Space saving: Axial connectors are often characterised by a space-saving design that reduces the overall size of the continuous-row lighting system and facilitates integration into various architectural environments.

  • Easy maintenance: Thanks to the simple plug-in connection, defective components can be quickly identified and replaced, which increases maintenance efficiency and minimises downtimes.

  • Compatibility: Our connectors are subject to general standards, which facilitates their compatibility with a wide range of trunking systems and accessories.

  • Overall, axial connectors help to improve the installation, maintenance and expandability of continuous-row lighting systems by providing a reliable and flexible connection between the individual components.

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