The Connectors Catalogue: The Entire ADELS Connecting Technology Range at a Glance

Here is the fast and easy access to our connectors catalogue. The entire product range of LED connectors, building installation connectors, luminaire connectors, screw terminal blocks, over IP protected connection solutions to electrical appliance connectors are described in detail. Each product is stored with technical details, design data and step files for direct project planning within the engineering phase.

First, choose one of 17 product categories from the following connectors catalogue. The product list which is then displayed gives you a comprehensive overview of each product line.

Building Installation Connector System AC 166® G

Flexibility, safety and cost effectiveness in installation

Connectors System AC 164

The compact building installation connectors for small spaces

Connectors System AC 162

The system for LED and low-voltage applications

Connectors System AC 166® Classic

The "Classic" Plug and Socket Connectors for Luminaires and Appliances

Connectors 160/163

The alternative connection solution for appliances, drives and luminaires

LEDtrack Row Lighting System

The complete system for all functions on row lighting systems

Circular Connectors IP68

The safe connection solution against water and dust

Circular Terminal Blocks IP68

The safe connection solution against water and dust

Connection Housing IP6x

The safe, flexible installation for rough environments

Lighting and Housing Connection IP66

Simple, safe and cost effective

SMD Connectors

The product range for the safe connection of LED modules


LED distribution box terminaLED®

Fused Terminal Blocks

Protection of sensitive luminaires and appliances

Screwless Connectors

Push – Press – Play
The easy and quick connection

Screw-Screwless Connectors

The “hybrid solution“ in the connectors world

Screw Terminal Blocks

Proven connection of electrical appliances and luminaires

ZHAGA book 18

Connector for street lighting