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posted on 03.02.2023
Lighting • Installation • Electrical appliances - Connectors catalogue
We develop, produce and distribute electrotechnical components for lighting, installation and electrical appliances. Our terminal catalogue - also called “product finder” - covers the entire Adels range in 17 product categories.

We explain our world of connection technology to you at a glance:

Electrotechnichal connection technology

A safe connection between two current-carrying conductors, which consists of two essential components:

  • metal through which the current continues to flow and the conductor is attached
  • plastic sheathing for safe handling / touching

What is the difference between terminal blocks and connectors?

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks used to connect wires, conductors or cables, usually only once. A permanent and safe contact is ensured by a mechanical fixation.

Plug & socket connectors

Connectors consist of two parts: plug (“male”) and socket (“female”). The connection is for quick and repeated connecting and disconnecting ("plug & play") or helps to connect in hard-to-reach areas.

Product finder

Take a look directly at our product finder and find the right product for you: Product finder

By selecting the most important features such as design, number of poles, colour, pitch or rated current, you will receive your hit list, which you can use to select the appropriate product. The entire technical documentation including all drawings for the design are immediately available to you.