The smallest connector IP68 is complemented – AC 167 micro gets a 3 pole variant and a new H distributor

posted on 15.09.2020
AC 167 micro – the connector IP68 for cables, luminaires and appliances
Connectors IP68 are the perfect solutions for the challenges you have to take up by illuminating tunnels, greenhouses or car parks. The new 3 pole variant of the circular connector and the corresponding H distributor (1 input, 3 outputs) offer you an additional amazing small connection solution that prevents moisture, dust and dirt to penetrate the installation in the long run.

Very small – very safe

Whether 2 pole or 3 pole version, AC 167 micro is as small as a ballpoint pen and fits in small gaps and narrow spaces. The extraordinary robust coupling system as well as the suitability for operating temperatures between - 40 °C and + 125 °C offer you best possible safety.

Easy handling – easy safety

The fast and easy coupling system ensures intuitive and precise connections. The H distributor offers you an optical control mechanism - an LED power indicator shows you the correct operation of the connector. Safety at all levels!

AC 167 micro with LED power

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