Casual Friday at Adels-Contact

posted on 04.11.2022
What could be better than wearing a cosy hoodie to work in this cool wet weather?!
Last year we surprised the whole team with an Adels-hoodie for Christmas. Each employee could choose between white, grey and red colour.

The high-quality hoodies are not only a suitable accessory for "Casual Friday", but also a welcome companion in everyday work at Adels-Contact.

The trainee project

To make it easier for our new employees to join the Adels team, we have a large poster of all our colleagues hanging in the departments. Ordering the hoodies resulted in the idea of updating our photo wall. The project included the following activities for our trainees:

  • create an appointment list: when should which employee be photographed? Alternative date?
  • assigning hoodies to the right employees based on the order list
  • hang up a note with the proposed dates on each hoodie
  • distribute hoodies and briefly inform the employees verbally where the photo shoot will take place

The tasks were distributed among all the trainees and everyone had a fixed task. There was a team that was responsible for the distribution and organisation and a team that picked up the employees on the day of the photo shoot and took photos in our photo studio. As a final step, the photos were inserted into the poster by another one of our trainees.

This is how the final result looks like:

Das Adels-Team

* To protect the privacy of our employees and for data protection reasons, we have removed the names and made the faces unrecognisable.