Almost a tradition: The Trainee Social Day in Bergisch Gladbach

posted on 07.10.2019
Start auf dem Marktplatz - Quelle: Nickel Photography
Mit 89 Azubis Teilnahmerekord - Quelle: Nickel Photography
This year, the Trainee Social Day started again on Konrad-Adenauer-Platz with a welcoming speech by Mayor Lutz Urbach and a short opening speech by the spokesperson of the Industry Acceptance Offensive Fred Arnulf Busen.

The trainee engagement on the action day took place on 19th of September and was divided among 15 facilities.

The requests from the institutions to the organisers were varied: support for an excursion with dementia patients, work with children, help with beautification work or handicraft support. There was enough to do for the trainees and this year helping others return new experiences and fun.

To express a thank you for the volunteers, there were drinks and hot dogs at the closing event at "Quirl's" as well as a certificate of participation for everyone. And - it is agreed: we will be back next year!